The darkness hides

in our eyes,

covering all the pain

with dazzling lies,

the hidden secrets

that no one realize

are the real mysteries

of our lives,

shall I reveal

or keep it inside?

will you understand

and stay by my side?

I put my trust into you

please never let it break

I know you are an angel

you will never do this mistake…!

Guys sometimes you start believing a person…You begin to share your feelings, you feel there is no harm in sharing your personal life with that person…basically ,there is no harm in doing so if you the person well. But don’t have a blind faith ever. there are things which should be kept under the carpet forever, because once if the situation becomes worse& your friendship comes to an end,then your trust and belief might be at stake. You never know whether the person still keeps up the promises..Sometimes it happens that people who have a relation with you , betray you, and people who weren’t so close enough come to your rescue…It is very hurting to experience your real brother shouting at you, blaming you for n cause, disclosing your secrets & on the other hand your cousin helping you in every possible manner..Believe me friends , relations are unpredictable & in my opinion there is nothing like bro-sis , girlfriend-boyfriend or any other relations…we just can’t name them…we experience them…we live them…


Feeling inferior!

Hello friends

There are few things in our lives which are better understood when experienced..

People may keep on telling us time and again,  we don’t pay heed to it..but when we face the reality , the flashback of those advices come in view & we start respecting those thoughts & in the same way, we start advising our friends about all those things ,which were at times trash for us!! I personally feel that this cycle continues…

” Healthy competition “

Time teaches us many things better than others may do…we start feeling inferior when we come to know that we are not actually the person which people characterize us to be.. or the person which we ought to be!

" Togetherness "

Being humans,sometimes we feel low when we see our underdog friend rising higher than ourselves..To be honest,years ago, I also felt the same when I saw my friend getting higher scores than me…and i still feel so under such circumstances & will continue to do so…again being human you see .. Again, we can’t help this out & this feeling can sometimes can act as a catalyst to our growth & success…But, a better potion is to make your way to success through your hard work  &  you will never ever feel so..!